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Want to try the top MMORPG games available nowadays? 10 years+ ago, World of Warcraft was the only decent MMORPG game available. Nowadays, there are a lot more options available for gamers and many of them are free to play. That allows you to test out the gameplay/graphics etc before deciding whether to spend more money or not.

While most MMORPG's require a monthly subscription to continue playing the game, there is one notable exception. Guild Wars allows you to pay an one-time upfront cost to begin playing and it was a huge hit in 2005 when it first came out due to the different business model it had.

Other popular classic online games include Wizard101 where you begin playing as a wizard. This game is perfect for gamers who love the Harry Potter series.

Another great game to play is Roblox. If you enjoy playing lego as a kid, you will love to play Roblox. Roblox allows you to play as a block character in different mini-games. You can try wielding a katana and go fight other players, build your own lumber yard and much much more. There are 100's of games available on Roblox which you can try as a lot of developers support this game. Try out Roblox today, they have a wide variety of games in their block-building universe game.


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